Corporate Care Massage was establised in 2004. Ann Pauley, a massage therapist, and massage instructor designed this company with excellent customer service in mind.

Her love of chair massage sparked in her, the desire to create a chair massage continuing education series for massage therapists. And from there, she started CCM.

Ann hand picks her massage team to ensure the highest quality experience in the metro Atlanta area.

Over the years, the chair massage industry has wained leading Corporate Care Massage to take a hiatus, however chair massage is now making a resurgence in the corporate market and we are excited to be offering you a great chair massage experience.

We look forward to being your chair massage team!


  1. Ann Pauley
    Ann Pauley
    Ann Pauley graduated from The Academy of Somatic Healing Arts (ASHA) massage school in Atlanta in 1998. She is certified in Swedish, Sports, and Neuromuscular Massage. She is also a former Sports massage department head of ASHA. She has developed many continuing education courses over her long career including Chair massage, many clinical massage courses and many mind-body courses. She is also co-founder of The Posture Project Yoga and Massage Studio in Woodstock, Ga, where she currently does rehabilitative massage and teaches yoga. Ann is also a life coach and has developed a mind-body coaching program called "The Life Changer" program. When not working, Ann enjoys spending time with her partner, Shalan Hill and her two pups. She is also an avid bicycler and car enthusiast.